Plant a Tree Foundation - Carving the Way.

Carving the Way 
Leading the pack for sustainable business practice, Bear Essentials goes above and beyond to ensure we commit to helping and protecting the environment. Our ethos and drive for sustainable fashion is at the forefront of every sketch, prototype and product we design at Bear Essentials. With this, we are incredibly proud to announce a new partnership with a Plant a Tree Foundation, that commits us to planting a tree for every sale made- replenishing the earths raw materials and taking a step forward to fighting climate change.
We will be working alongside reforestation partners in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa to discuss where donations are most needed, and in return, they will help us to plant trees in the ground that will restore forests after fires and floods, create jobs, build economies and communities, and finally protect habitat for biodiversity.
Today, more than ever, our historically detrimental impact on the environment should be our primary concern. Whilst businesses are forced to rethink their approaches and policies, it is also important for us as individuals to rethink the way we shop.
Here at Bear Essentials, our founding ethos and motivation was to produce environmentally friendly products, using sustainable materials and reducing plastic production. Today we have gone one step further and committed to replenishing materials that we use, completing the cycle and leading the way to innovative solutions to reduce our impact on the earth. One small step for Bear Essentials, one large leap for the Earth. 
-Holly, Our Bear Pack Assistant 

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Keep an eye out for this image in product descriptions to ensure the product is legible for the 'plant a tree' cause. 

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