Jasmine |  36mm Edition
Jasmine |  36mm Edition Jasmine |  36mm Edition Jasmine |  36mm Edition Jasmine |  36mm Edition Jasmine |  36mm Edition Jasmine |  36mm Edition
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Jasmine | 36mm Edition

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Jasmine represents a first for Bear Essentials: a purpleheart wood face. The bold royal purple colour and gold detailing makes Jasmine a star.

Serving as the ideal backdrop to the statement piece centre is dark sandalwood. Handcrafted and skillfully carved from natural wood, it is the definition of craftsmanship.

Jasmine is worn by those celebrating their true free self. The rich collection of colours, purple, gold and brown, perfectly emphasise each other’s beauty.

Key Features

• 12 Months Guarantee
• Every Purchase Plants One Tree
• Sustainable Wood Sources
• Designed in the UK
• Easily Release Pin Loaded Interchangeable Straps
• Specialised Miyota Movements (Battery Operated)
• Lightweight All Day Comfort
• Travel Proof Durable Design


Each watch has been sanded, and sealed with the necessary treatments and can withstand any splash or day to day use and does not require any further treatments.


Each watch is powered with a Miyota movement (battery-powered) and designed with quick-release pin-loaded straps so you can easily swap the straps to adjust to your outfits or occasion. We have both Vegan and Real Leather Straps to choose from and straps are available for individual purchase or as a gift set.


Environmental conservation is something that we at Bear Essentials pride ourselves on. For every purchase made on our website, we commit to planting one tree in areas of deforestation using only native trees, enabling you to give more back to the environment than you take away.



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From original source to final product, we at Bear Essentials go above and beyond to ensure every step we take in our craft is to minimise the impact we have on our planet. From sustainable forestry's to recycled pellets all our beautiful accessories are handcrafted using natural materials, making every item unique with each piece cut. We also commit to planting a tree for every purchase made as we believe in replenishing the materials we use. Our product range aims to promote the conservation of our planet by reducing plastic production and using alternative natural materials wherever possible.

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