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Marcelo Luna

Big Wave Surfer with no limits.

Marcelo Luna is one of few to take on the infamous Nazaré big wave in Portugal. Our man Marcelo has battled the biggest waves in the world and lives to tell the story. He currently does talks to educate others on the intensity of his training on how to become a big wave surfer. An advocate for sustainable living and protecting the environment we introduced Marcelo to the brand in 2018 and he has been an advocate of the brand since.

Alice Lemoigne

Professional Longboard EU Champion 

Professional Long boarder Alice Lemoinge has recently gone on to win the 2018/19 Long Board European Championship. Born in France we met Alice at the Board masters Competition in Newquay in 2016. She was a huge fan of our brand and our ethos and went on to represent the brand in her competitions. Since then she has grown into the sport she loves and become rank 3 in the world with aspirations to get the number 1 spot. GO ALICE! 

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Kevin Walton

Deep Sea Free Diver and Surfer

A close friend and advocate of the brand, Kevin loves any excuse to get in the water. You will usually find him Free diving or spearfishing for his next meal, but also he's quite a surfer. With a passion for travelling and exploring the world he has probably ticked of every country you can think of on your to do list. He loves the brand and wouldn't go anywhere without his shades. 

Hywel Thomas

Royal Marines Commando

A Royal Marines Commando, based on the sunny south west coast. Within both work and play Hywel is lucky enough to travel the world, from mountain ranges, beaches to deserts and everything in-between. The final natural environment he'd love to tick off with work is the jungle!

In his down time he likes to keep busy whether that's CrossFit training, road cycling, paddle boarding, skiing; He's always got the bug to learn something new and keep active. His passion for travel his training and protecting the environment makes him a perfect member of our Pack and we welcome him to the team. 

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Artist and Producer 

NASH is a close friend who makes electronic dance music and travels the world playing it out. Music is his life and He's addicted to the sun. He loves summer, running, the gym, surfing, snowboarding and anything else that involves travelling to cool places.

Working his way up in the industry NASH has performed to 8000+ people, played legendary venues such as London’s Ministry Of Sound, Guaba in Cyprus and The Armory in Minneapolis. He has reached 4 Beatport top ten charting tracks reaching as high as 2nd, music featured in top ten of the iTunes album chart for electronic dance music.


If you are interested in joining the team, We are currently looking for anyone that is interested in: fashion, sustainable living, travelling, photography, film, sports, and anything related to these subjects. You need to have an active instagram account and a willingness to promote our products. Apart from that you are good to go. Contact us below.