About Us

Inquisitive explorers. Tenacious travellers. Back flipping, skinny dipping, drink sipping enthusiasts. Welcome to a new beginning. 
Bear Essentials was born in the workshop of our family home where the principal was simple; create a brand that designs products that are as unique as our surroundings and inspire those who love to travel to combine their passion of adventure with an environmentally friendly alternative to their wardrobe attire.
We have spent many years developing our products, shaping them in the workshop and experimenting with woods of all types, shapes and colours to create our exquisite range. From the hand tools in our shed to the routing machinery in the workshop, our products are always engineered with finesse and precision.

From original source to final product, we at Bear Essentials go above and beyond to ensure every step we take in our craft is to minimise the impact we have on our planet.

We understand the importance of sourcing natural materials from sustainable resources and believe in educating our followers in our Bear Pack to ensure they buy not only 'green' but sustainable. We believe in proactively helping the environment and commit to planting a tree on your behalf for every purchase made online.

"We are more than just a brand; we are a community of people that understand the importance of environmental conservation. By protecting our planet for future generations, they too can experience the simple things in life we often take for granted.” - Josh (Founder)