Technical Specifications

designed in the uk

Every item with this badge has been designed in-house. From sketching original shapes to initial prototypes made in our own workshop in Manchester all our designs are approved and tested before manufacturing. To find out more about our making process CLICK HERE

plant a tree image icon

If you see this badge on a product or within its description this means we have agreed to donate towards planting a tree to replenish the materials we have used in creating the products. For more information about our commitment to the plant a tree foundation CLICK HERE

fully polarised lens and UV400 protection icon


Our TAC polarised lenses are designed and built to withstand any adventure.  With over 7 layers of protection these lenses eliminate reflective glare and sharpen surrounding details allowing a clearer visual experience for the wearer. 

Before production we ensure all wood sources are sustainably sourced and not on the endangered wood species list published by the Joint Nature Conservation Committee. We also attempt to find innovative ways to reduce waste during production re-using wood waste materials wherever possible.

Prescription lens available for wooden frames

Prescription Lenses are available for our products with this badge. If you wish to get a quote for the frame with your prescription don't hesitate to get in contact as we can do the cutting and shaping all in-house to British standards. All we need is your prescription and we can get back to you with a quote so CLICK HERE to contact us for more information.

Wood Grain Icon

Our unique veneer design ensures high quality wooden frames unlike most 'bamboo sunglasses' available on the market. The benefit of designing in house enables us to put our design ideas to the test before production ensuring they are the best quality, with over 5 years experience in designing the frames from scratch we are confident our frames are one of the best on the market for price.
To find out more about our design and production CLICK HERE.

Flexi-Hinge Technology

The Flexi-Hinge Technology is a must have for any luxury wooden frames. Unlike most on the market, Flexi-Hinge Technology allows for the arms of a frame to pivot outwards without affecting the frames shape. The benefit is a more comfortable and durable frame allowing all face shapes to wear the glasses.

feather lightweight all day comfort design

Not to be expected, however our wooden sunglasses are seriously lightweight in their structure. Designed with hardwood veneers these featherweight layers of wood are built up and compressed using steam. Most of our frames weighing less than 50g make them lighter than most plastic frames, meaning an even more comfortable feel. 

mountain proof travel proof durable design

As stated throughout the tech specifications of this page, these frames are Travel and Adventure Proof. Designed to last and built for comfort, with a sustainable ethos behind the product, whats not to love! Just incase people still doubt our reputation, we provide 12 months warranty with every item on our website from date of purchase Guaranteed. If this wasn't enough then we recommend you look through our reviews and you will see how much these products will change your life.