Aegon II
Aegon II Aegon II Aegon II Aegon II Aegon II Aegon II Aegon II
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Aegon II

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Fashioned from Tungsten Steel and authentic antler bone, the Aegon II ring is seamlessly interwoven with bronze, marrying the raw essence of nature with the refined touch of human craftsmanship.

Every ring is meticulously fashioned from resilient Tungsten Steel, with a tinting process during shaping to emphasize the shades of rose gold, gold, or silver. The innate inlays are designed and embedded within the mold, ensuring protection and preservation from external elements.

Deeply rooted in our philosophy is a commitment to environmental preservation. With every purchase, we pledge to plant a tree in regions most impacted by deforestation. Together, we empower you to make a tangible difference for our cherished Earth.

With every purchase, we provide an information slip on how to use and care for your product. If any issues arise, we provide a 24-month warranty and a 24-7 support channel for anyone who may need some extra assistance.  

Each Product has been sanded, and treated to withstand any splash or day-to-day use, and does not require any further treatments.

Ring Width: 10mm
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