Goldthorn | 42mm
Goldthorn | 42mm Goldthorn | 42mm Goldthorn | 42mm Goldthorn | 42mm Goldthorn | 42mm
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Goldthorn | 42mm

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For ages, precious metals have dominated the luxury accessory scene. Yet, the Goldthorn watch demonstrates that Zebrano and sandalwood are equally deserving of acclaim.

With its deep sandalwood backdrop, the golden stainless steel dials and crowns are accentuated. Featuring three petite dials to the left and a trio of crowns to the right, the timepiece epitomizes symmetry.

The distinct striping of the Zebrano wood underscores that true style stands apart.

Each watch is powered with a Chronograph movement (battery-operated) and designed with quick-release pin-loaded straps enabling you to easily swap the straps to adjust to your outfits or occasion. We have both Vegan and Real Leather Straps to choose from and straps are also available for individual purchase.

Deeply rooted in our philosophy is a commitment to environmental preservation. With every purchase, we pledge to plant a tree in regions most impacted by deforestation. Together, we empower you to make a tangible difference for our cherished Earth.

Every watch boasts a battery-operated Chronograph movement and features easy-to-switch pin-loaded straps, allowing for effortless customization to suit your attire or event. Choose from both Vegan and Genuine Leather Straps, which are also available for separate purchase.

Each watch has been sanded, and treated to withstand any splash or day-to-day use, and does not require any further treatments.

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