Polar Bear | 42mm
Polar Bear | 42mm Polar Bear | 42mm Polar Bear | 42mm Polar Bear | 42mm Polar Bear | 42mm Polar Bear | 42mm Polar Bear | 42mm
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Polar Bear | 42mm

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As the Polarbear wanders the ice plains and deep through the arctic ocean the inspiration for our watch fuses together the colors of the arctic with a zebra wood encasement to bring a chilling but elegant balance of nature together. 

Each watch is powered with a Quartz movement (battery-operated) and designed with quick-release pin-loaded straps enabling you to easily swap the straps to adjust to your outfits or occasion. We have both Vegan and Real Leather Straps to choose from and straps are also available for individual purchase.

Environmental conservation is something engrained in our philosophy and for every purchase made, we commit to planting one tree in areas hit hardest by deforestation enabling you to do your part to help protect our beloved planet. 

With every purchase, we provide an information slip on how to use and care for your watch. If any issues arise, we provide a 24-month warranty and a 24-7 support channel for anyone that may need some extra assistance.  

Each watch has been sanded, and treated to withstand any splash or day-to-day use, and does not require any further treatments.

Personalization is available with this watch and if you are interested please contact us directly via our contact page and we can get a cost for you. 


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