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A refined diamond casing adorned with intricate walnut inlays showcases vivid contrasts. The earrings' minimalist geometric aesthetic is gracefully accentuated by the timeless gold hues, illuminating the rich wood grains within.

Created with a Silver alloy and copper these hypoallergenic pieces won't stain your ears green and are designed to radiate a warm glow that highlights the rich contrasts of the wood within.

Deeply rooted in our philosophy is a commitment to environmental preservation. With every purchase, we pledge to plant a tree in regions most impacted by deforestation. Together, we empower you to make a tangible difference for our cherished Earth.

With every purchase, we provide an information slip on how to use and care for your earrings. If any issues arise, we provide a 12-month warranty and a 24-7 support channel for anyone who may need some extra assistance.  

Each piece of our jewelry collection is alloyed with plated metals to stand the test of time. The Wood inlays have been treated to protect them from day-to-day wear and don't require any further treatments.

Pendant: 25x45mm Width


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